COVID-19 Safety Information

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Exceeding CDC Recommendations to Ensure the Well-being of our Patients, Staff, and Doctors

Massapequa Optometric Care always strives to provide the highest standards of protection and safety to its already existing high level of customer service. Our priority is taking care of our patients, our staff, and our doctors.


Patients should fill out Patient Intake Forms at home and bring them to their appointment or send an electronic copy prior to appointment. If a patient does not have access to a computer, they may call our office ahead of time and a staff member can fill it out with the patient over the phone. We understand sometimes neither option is available, so a paper copy can be filled out in the office. The preferred method is for the patient to use their own pen.

All patients will have a temperature check via a contactless thermometer. If anyone shows signs of fever, they will be rescheduled. Patients will be asked about general health including exposure to someone who has been ill or someone who has traveled to high-risk areas.

Patients MUST wear a mask to their appointment. Gloves and /or sanitizer will be provided.

Patients should not bring anyone to accompany them to the appointment except when necessary for children and the elderly.

Exams– We will continue to offer social distance examinations through a high definition wide-angle look into the patient’s eyes without the need to dilate. This testing maximizes social distancing while performing a comprehensive retinal health evaluation. There may be an additional cost for this service.

Sneeze guards are installed at high “contact” points throughout the office.

Frames Selection and Safety– One-on-one consultation will be available with an optician. Patients are asked to point to frames they would like to try. Individually lined trays will be provided for patients to place frame selections. All frames and tray lining will be disinfected after the consultation and are UV sanitized. Pick-up protocol will be discussed after orders are placed.

COMING SOON: We will be offering virtual try-on and frame recommendation technology. No contact frame recommendations, in-office, or from the comfort and safety of your home. Patients will still be fitted in the office, but the time spent selecting frames is reduced, mitigating exposure.

Telehealth – Massapequa Optometric Care has the technology that allows a doctor to evaluate and consult a patient when an office visit is not necessary.  Recommendations can be made and medications prescribed if necessary.


Team members are to change into scrubs and work footwear when arriving at the office. 

All team members will be given a temperature check via a contactless thermometer when arriving to the office. If any associate shows symptoms of fever, they will be sent home. General health questions will be asked such as exposure to someone ill, or anyone who has traveled to high-risk areas.

Masks and gloves have been secured for all. Team members must wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap solution when they arrive, before and after each patient, before eating, and after using the restroom.

Team members should use only one phone and computer that is wiped with disinfectant intermittently throughout the day. If office staff share equipment, it shall be disinfected after each use.


Doctors will be utilizing Personal Protective Equipment in accordance with recommendations from the CDC, including masks, gloves, and shields. Additionally, many of our doctors will be changing clothes and shoes once they get to the office for an additional layer of protection. All doctors will conduct a self-health check, including taking their own temperature before going to the office.

Every doctor in our office will thoroughly wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap solution or alcohol-based sanitizer when they arrive, before and after each patient, before eating, and after using the restroom.

Disposable equipment will be utilized as possible.

Doctors will utilize a slit lamp “breath” shield/ barrier during the exam.

Telehealth– Massapequa Optometric Care has the technology that allows a doctor to evaluate and consult a patient when an office visit is not necessary.


Our office will implement a “white glove” experience, sterilizing all surfaces, countertops, door handles, armchairs, seats, tabletops, and any high touch area.

Exam rooms and equipment will be cleaned with a disinfectant between each patient.

Plexiglass shields will be used to prevent exposure in high contact areas throughout the office.

The waiting area of our offices will have some chairs removed to allow 6 feet of social distancing.

While we understand that some of these protocols might create a strict medical environment, we MUST adhere to the protocols for the safety of everyone who works or visits our office.

Thank you for your understanding!

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